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Funeral Services

Quality Funeral Services in Galivants Ferry, SC

Funeral Services

Our Galivants Ferry families have access to a wide variety of different funeral services to make this day as unique as the person we want to remember. Our Watson Funeral Services & Crematory staff has the resources and knowledge to assist in every aspect of planning a funeral. We can assist in all funeral arrangments, from our chapel to your church or at the cemetery; we are able to plan a meaningful service to honor your loved one. Celebrating the life of a loved one requires patience and passion; both of which the funeral directors at Watson Funeral Services & Crematory excel in. 

We are dedicated to blessing you with the most proper and heartfelt goodbye possible to ease your sorrow during this time.

If you need to make funeral arrangements for a loved one or would like to send flowers for an upcoming service near Galivants Ferry, give us a call now.


We will provide information on the difference between traditional funeral costs and cremation costs. We know price is an important consideration to our Galivants Ferry customers and families when making funeral arrangements, whether it is for pre-planning a funeral or planning the funeral of a loved one.

Cremation has become more common in funeral services, so we are happy to provide all the cremation information that you need to make an informed decision and learn about the benefits of cremation in Galivants Ferry.

As part of our funeral services, we will also provide a Peace of Mind Planning kit to help with the grieving process. 

Funeral Pre-Planning

Whether you want your funeral to be perfect or are pre-planning the funeral of a loved one, we can help with both. Pre-planning your services has many benefits. Pre-planning allows you or your family member to choose and customize EVERYTHING from the flowers on the casket to the exact spot you wish to be laid to rest. 

Financial pre-planning can also be beneficial as it completely takes away the worry after a loved one has passed. We have the resources to allow you to pay for the entire thing ahead of time. 

This service gives you and your family time to visit or research a variety of burial sites, headstones, flowers, cremation, etc. giving you and your loved ones some, much needed, peace of mind.  

Let our Galivants Ferry family help you with any and all pre-planning funeral needs.

Online Memorials

Can't make it to the service? Not an issue at all! Our online memorial service at Watson Funeral Services allows Galivants Ferry guests and family to provide all the information that you may need for the funeral service.

Online memorials are a great way to pay tribute to your loved one.

An added benefit to our online memorial is the ability for friends and family to order flowers, make donations, sign a virtual guest book, and go back to look at photos and stories anytime. 

After Care

Because funeral services usually happen pretty fast, we know that the grieving process has not even begun. It takes time for the stress and shock to fade away before grief can begin to set in. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get over someone and while we can't control emotion, we want to try to help you manage it.

Watson Funeral Services & Crematory of Galivants Ferry, South Carolina has access to a variety of online grief resources that can help you begin the healing process even after you leave the service.

From our main website, you can find advice on helping yourself and others during the grieving process. 


Watson Funeral Services can write an obituary for you or you can write it, whatever is easiest for you. We will then assist in publishing to any Galivants Ferry publication of your choice. 

Veteran's Benefits

Veteran's benefits can include burial flags, government markers, memorial certificates, and possibly a burial plot. If you think these benefits may be applicable to you or your loved one, let us know and we will help secure them.

Social Security

If you believe that you may be entitled to any benefits through social security after the death of a loved one, Barry Watson and his funeral directors at Watson Funeral Services will notify the Social Security Administration of the death. 

 Death Certificates

Watson Funeral Services will help obtain a death certificate for your records. While the actual service itself is important, there are some legal documents involved that are crucial to have if anything related to insurance may come up in the future. 


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